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Did you know that TOSDV has an archive project?


We are taking into protective custody any material related to (pipe) organs. This includes records, CDs, tapes, programs, magazines, music scores and more. We also work with several other archive groups that cover any audio or video recordings or items related to broadcasting and other areas.


We currently have multiple collections from people that we are in the process of cataloging and preserving. This includes vinyl albums, numerous 78s, CDs, reel to reel tapes and over  cassettes.  It is the objective to have this material available for research and reference in the future. We also have serval electronic organ, available for playing  But first we need to save and preserve it. This all takes time, money and donation of the items. So if you are cleaning out your closet and come across something that you think might be of interested, before you toss it,
PLEASE contact Bill Gellhaus through the TOSDV web site or at  




There are a lot of Books, Tapes, Records, Music, Etc. in many different places that are waiting for someone to gather them together and inventory them.



Once we get them altogether,  inventoried, listed on the web site, and find a more permanent home for the collection, members will be able to sign them out.

If you are interested in working and becoming a member of the library committee please send your ideals and suggestion and name to Bill Gellhaus at the address below

We also will may need filing cabinets, book shelves, filing supplies, and possibly a desk and chairs



 contact us drop us a note at TOSDV   P.O. BOX 141  CHELTENHAM, PA 19012-0141

or email to     

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