Board Members



  Board members and officers
President Bob Parkhurst (2021)
Vice President Wayne Zimmerman, Sr. (2020)
Secretary Randy Hove (2022)
Treasurer William R. Gellhaus (2021)


Board members at large
Gary Coller (2022)
John Serdy (2020)
Scott Miller (2022) Open (2020)
Thomas Rotunno (2021)  
Committees Contacts
Lift Editor & Publisher Wm. R. Gellhaus
Associate Lift Editor Wayne Zimmerman, Sr.
Associate Lift Publisher OPEN
Program Chairman Wayne Zimmerman, Sr
Promotions and PR Gary Coller
Promotion and Web William R. Gellhaus
 Photographer  OPEN
ATOS  Correspondent Wayne Zimmerman, Sr.
Membership Wm. R. Gellhaus
Hospitality  Thomas Rotunno
Archiving and Recording Wm. R. Gellhaus
Keswick Theatre Project Mgr. Bernie McGorrey & Wm. R. Gellhaus
Colonial Theatre Project Mgr.  Jack Serdy

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