After much thought and discussion the ATOS Executive Committee has recommended to the full ATOS Board of Directors the establishment of a full-time paid administrator for our organization. The ATOS Board of Directors has voted to create this position. It will start, dependent on adequate funding, on September 1, 2008.

            This position will be financed through fund raising efforts. Funding will not come from the operating budget of the organization.

            Your board members believe that, to insure the future of ATOS, the time has come to raise the management of our organization to a more professional level. A central figure, empowered to run the organization’s day-to-day operations, is the most efficient means by which to make our organization grow and prosper.

            We can no longer continue to operate with a fully volunteer slate of officers and board members. The workload is too great. Like many other preservation organizations, ATOS must have a full time person responsible for day-to-day operations with an eye on the “big picture”.

            The new administrator will be responsible for five major areas:

bulletFundraising-Our organization must be better funded in order to carry out its mission of the preservation, promotion, and presentation of the theatre pipe organ. ATOS must develop programs to promote young organists as well as generate public interest in our beloved instrument. Both programs and publicity are expensive. Corporate funding and grants could provide the necessary funding along with monetary gifts from our current membership. The administrator would pursue these funding sources along with others that become available.
bulletMarketing and Promotions-This person will be responsible for developing programs and ideas that will broaden the reach and recognition of ATOS as the dominant organization that promotes theatre organ as an art form that includes education, broadcasting, more exposure via the Web, recording, and use of other media and outlets.
bulletSponsorships-The new administrator will seek sponsorship of various ATOS programs and activities.
bulletIncreasing Membership-A full time administrator will devote much time and effort developing workable programs that would make membership in ATOS more attractive to the general public. Through new programs and an extended outreach program, he or she will “spread the word” about our organization.
bulletPublic Relations-A full time administrator would personify and be the face of the American Theatre Organ Society and give both a professional and personal touch to our message. He or she would meet with various groups, organizations, and charitable funds to promote theatre organ and its tangential activities and act as a “clearinghouse” for new ideas that would help publicize our cause.

The ATOS Board of Directors is confident that the creation of this administrative position will bring new life to ATOS and help revitalize our organization. 





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